Saturday, May 1, 2010

All we need is just a little patience...

Hello my dear fellows, it's long time since I wrote something really interesting here, so I can understand if you're getting a little upset about Icaros Desktop. But don't worry, your distribution is alive and well, it's just waiting for some nice new additions you'll sincerely love. First of all, the base AROS system is getting better and better every day: with Pavel Fedin working on the graphic subsystem, Krzysztof Smiechowicz adding 3D acceleration and now working on Nvidia nuveau driver port, Neil Cafferkey fixing FAT filesystem support, Yannick Erb porting every kind of apps (have a look at his Remote Desktop client port in the corner screenshot), and with the huge efforts coming from everybody else involved in AROS development, we can be really proud of our little great OS. But what can you expect from Icaros Desktop 1.1.2? Well, many things. More stability, less bugs, and obviously some nice new features, for instance Catweasel support, since ported its drivers to AROS (we have also to thank our big friend Steve Jones for this) and... should I say that? Maybe not, but... UAE integration! Yes, Oliver Brunner is near to complete his bounty, and he has already sent me two release candidates for his Janus-UAE emulator version 0.7, which include also USB joypads and audio support. The emulator is so up-to-date with current AROS developments, that it supports even the Catweasel controller under AmigaOS 3.x, if you have one in your PC. We're now testing it more extensively to spot bugs, and when it will be OK, you'll be able to use it with your legacy Amiga games, demos and applications. Well my friends, please be patient just a little more, because there is more to come, but I will talk about it the right time. For now, thanks for your patience and regards.