Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poll: what do you think about a Icaros USB stick?

Necessary premise: since anyone enough skilled will be able to create a Icaros stick from a regular release of the distribution, I have no plan to create a proper ISO or something similar. But I am thinking about a "final product" that people can buy already pre-formatted and pre-configured. Prices will be honest and will cover the cost of the USB sticks, plus a little extra that will be spent to contribute to other AROS bounties. I need to understand how many people would be interested, and how they would like the product to be. Here's the question:

What do you expect from a Icaros USB stick?

Please remember that AROS can boot only from SFS partitions and other operating systems like Windows and Linux generally use FAT partitions on USB sticks for data exchange, while they can't usually access SFS ones.

a) I'd prefer a 1 GB or 2 GB usb stick totally dedicated to Icaros Desktop, with a full-features AROS installation with dozens of games, applications and development tools. No matter if Windows can't read it

b) I'd prefer a 1 GB usb stick with a little AROS boot partition, with the really useful programs inside and a couple of good quality games, and a 512 MB FAT partition for data exchange.

c) I'd prefer a 2 GB usb stick with a moderate AROS boot partition, with useful programs inside and a selection of good quality games, and 1 GB FAT partition for data exchange.

d) I'd prefer a bigger and more expensive 4 or 8 GB usb stick with enough space for an AROS boot partition, an AROS SFS Work partition and half the space dedicated to a FAT data exchange partition.

Feel free to answer here!