Monday, March 15, 2010

The breaking news, the glitch and the broken link

Some people might have experienced graphic issues with the latest release of Icaros Desktop. To fix them, please look in your sys:Libs directory. You'll find a "Softmesa" drawer which contains the traditional, software-only rendering library which always managed OpenGL calls on AROS. Just overwrite the mesa.library file included in sys:Libs with this one, and your issues will be fixed. However, this will also disable 3D acceleration at all. I have also noticed that sometimes 3D acceleration may work with some resolutions and not others. The only thing I can suggest is just keep trying.

We have also to apologize for the sudden death of some links on the right column of this site. Direct links to Icaros VE, Live and Light seem to be broken, but this is probably due to problems with, the service which normally transform things like "" into better URLs like "". We'll see in the next hours if it will be fixed. There aren't many doubts they will, anyway.

In the end, just let me be really, really happy and thankful to the AROS crew, because AROS can finally be installed on USB pendrives and boot from them. Icaros Desktop on a Stick was something definitely planned long ago, but placed on hold until coders added the necessary efforts into this. And now, Neil Cafferkey made this possible. Expect big news in the next weeks, since I already have got my first working protoype ready.