Friday, November 13, 2009

WANTED! New official desktop theme for version 1.2

Icaros 1.1.6 update is on the works (slowly, slowly, but it will come), and I am collecting ideas and files also for the next point release, which will be obviously called 1.2. For that release, I'd love to have a new look. Icons will be the same, but I start feeling the default OS4-like windows borders a bit... abused. Unluckily, I am not a good graphic artist, even if I contributed some artistry in the past, so I need your help. What I am looking for, is mainly something that will remember, for look and functionality, the current theme, because I feel that Amiga is well represented by the classic window shapes, but I don't want it to look too much like AmigaOS 4.0. I'd love that Icaros Desktop had its own "personality", with a theme that is clean and immediately recognizable as the Icaros Desktop one. So I am asking the community for help. I'd love to get some new themes from you, and the best one will become the new official Icaros theme, for versions 1.2.x. Would you be the author of the next Icaros look? Join this discussion and read the guidelines. Themes can be posted to, or a link may be provided in the following forum discussion:

> Click here for the discussion on AROS-EXEC with graphic guidelines