Friday, August 28, 2009

Icaros Desktop 1.1.4 update ready for download

Icaros Desktop has reached version 1.1.4. This quick update is needed to refresh many system files, since AROS has now got better SDL and MESA support, and various libraries has changed to enhance compatibility with other AmigaOS flavours. This means that system files must be updated to prevent compatibility issues with applications compiled with the latest builds of AROS. But this is not only a "mantainance update": it's time to introduce also a new package called Icaros Desktop Light, a shrinked version of our Live! distribution that can be burnt on a CD-R. It has been released to help people who want to install AROS on a old laptop or on old hardware without a DVD drive. It includes everything fancy the Live! distribution has, but without huge packages like the Eternal Lands game, and both adventures that came with ScummVM, Drascula and Beneath a Steel Sky. Other files have been removed, like the now-obsolete AmiGG client and many wallpaper images in Prefs/Presets, but I think someone that needs an "emergency CD" to start a laptop or to install AROS will be happy as well.

Icaros Desktop Light is already available for download and updated to version 1.1.4

Icaros Desktop Live! fans should still download version 1.1.3 and then use Icaros' LiveUpdater to download the update to 1.1.4. For people who still prefer updating from CD or ISO, the update CD is available as well. This update works on Icaros Desktop Live! or VE version 1.1.3 only: if your current installation is still 1.1.2 or even older, please bring it to 1.1.3 before updating to 1.1.4. A complete Live! edition of Icaros Destkop 1.1.4 is now available as well.

New from Icaros 1.1.3

- Updated SDL and MESA graphic libraries with demos
- Updated Poseidon files (now APL)
- Updated SabreMSN to release 0.58
- Updated MCC_TextEditor class
- Updated system files to Aug 27th nightly build
- Updated user manual


> Download Icaros Desktop 1.1.4 update CD (78 MB, .tgz file format)
from Icaros Website (you need Icaros Desktop 1.1.3 already installed)