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Jul 15, 2009

Poseidon test #1 for Icaros Desktop 1.1.2

Since AROS people is really interested in trying Poseidon, I'd like to make all the bravest Icaros users happy with a "unofficial" test update to Icaros Desktop with Poseidon enabled. Please notice that this is not a mainstream update to our distribution, it won't change your version number and it is meant only to test the new amazing AROS USB stack. The meaning of this little update is only to help you testing Poseidon and write reports to AROS developers. It is NOT warranteed that Poseidon will actually work on your computer. If it doesn't, well, you have big chances to help Chris Hodges and other AROS developers to spot the issue and fix it. Here's what you can do:

1. download this ISO file with OWB under Icaros, or with any other OS browser you prefer

> Download Poseidon Test ISO #1 (16 MB, zip file format)

please download to pub: to follow these instructions in a easier way.

2. unzip it. You can do that on AROS directly opening a shell (rAros+W) and typing in:

cd pub:

3. if you have extracted it on another operating system/computer, please burn the resulting aros-pc-i386 ISO file to a blank CD-R or CD-RW

4. launch LiveUpdater and choose either to upgrade using the extracted ISO file, or the burned CD-R.

5. remove the media and reboot with a hard-reset

from now on, you should be able to connect USB devices to your Icaros Desktop machine and they should get at least recognized. In order to mount USB pendrives and other mass storage devices, you need to open a shell and cast the info command.

Here is how you can actively help developers spotting bugs.

1. Please reboot your machine choosing any resolution, but press E in the initial grub boot menu. Go to the end of the last line and add these words:


then press Ctrl+X to continue booting.

2. open the SYS:Tools/Debug drawer with wanderer, keep it selected and press rAros+W to open a new shell. You should be prompted directly inside the AROS:Tools/Debug directory

3. launch the debugging tool Bifteck and redirect its output to a file in pub:, for istance biflog.txt

[XX.AROS:Tools/Debug>] Bifteck >pub:biflog.txt

4. Launch Trident from Prefs and add any device you like

5. When you're finished testing, save on disk your Trident messages. Save the Errors.log file in pub: as well, so you'll find them with ease

6. Connect to the AROS bugtracker, or to AROS-EXEC in the Poseidon specific thread, and copy/paste the contents of the two files

7. Don't forget to report your current system configuration, being as precise as you can about your USB controllers. You can get all informations using the PCItool program in the Tools drawer.

Thank you and good luck!

If you want to get back to old USB handling, just open the S:icaros-sequence file and change

; execute s:usb-startup
execute s:poseidon-startup


execute s:usb-startup
; execute s:poseidon-startup

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