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Jul 8, 2009

Icaros Desktop 1.1.2 update ready for download

"Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday Paolone, happy birthday to youuuuu": yes, tomorrow I will be 36, but this is not the most important news of the day (anyway, if you'd like to make a present for my birthday, the "Donate" button is always there...): there is a brand new update for your Icaros Desktop installation which will address many bugs of the previous ones and will add some new programs and features. And, before you ask for it: no, there isn't Poseidon. I share with you all the excitement for AROS' brand new USB stack, Chris Hodges is doing a really wonderful job and I've tested it for a while. I am impressed, but Poseidon port to AROS is still too young and needs some more testing and ironing out, before it can be included in a user-oriented distribution. Skilled people should download a nightly build and try it on their computers, but for now Icaros will keep its limited USB support. Poseidon, anyway, will be added as soon as it will correctly work on the widest range of PC configurations.

But let's stop talking about what there isn't in Icaros, and let me talk about the new features. First of all, this release fixes most of the bugs addressed for Icaros 1.1 and 1.1.1. Here is a little list: TB303 now works, muibuilder now works, alarmclock should work, ghost UAE entries have been removed, Themes prefs panel has been fixed and so on. Then, I have added some nice new applications like Protrekkr, which brings to AROS the 3rd tracker application available after HivelyTracker and MilkyTracker, DOSBOX, which should come in handy to launch old MS/DOS software, and TinySID, a simple music player for .sid files. Many old applications had been updated and some of Icaros' own features have been extended: our old updater has been replaced by LiveUpdater, which is able to download official Icaros updates and install them without the need of a CD burner, while AmiBridge has been updated to support AmigaForever 2006, 2008 and the brand new 2009 edition. AmiStart is now fairly better and should be appreciated by people who asked for a prettier dock application. Well, there are many many things you can discover about Icaros Desktop 1.1.2, so don't miss the new manual included in the distribution.


To install this update, please download LiveUpdater 1.5.1 first. This update can be installed with the default Updater tool in Icaros Desktop 1.1.1, but needs manual fixing at the end of the procedure. LiveUpdater 1.5.1 allows to download the update directly from the Internet.

> Download LiveUpdater 1.5.1

Users of the old Updater should download the update CD manually, burn it on a CD-ROM and launch Updater. Then fix the installation with the following command line:
echo "1.001002" >envarc:CURRENT_INSTALL


> Download the Icaros Desktop 1.1.2 update CD
from main Icaros site (244 MB, 7z file format)
> Download the Icaros Desktop 1.1.2 update CD
from Lezard-visuel mirror (244 MB, 7z file format)

> Download Icaros Desktop Live! 1.1.2 full DVD (460 MB, 7z file format)

> Download 7-Zip for your operating system to extract files from .7z archives.

New from Icaros Desktop 1.1.1

- Updated AmiBridge
+ direct 68K executables support
+ autoprobe for AmigaForever editions 2006-2009
+ import of files from custom paths
- Added LiveUpdater
+ burning a CD no more needed
+ updates from ISO files
+ downloads and install updates from the Icaros website
- Added ProTrekkr
- Added DosBox
- Updated PortablE
- Updated NoWinED
- updated MUIbuilder
- Updated OWB to version 0.9.8
+ It now allows bookmarks!
- Updated AmiStart
+ better and lightier look
+ fixed conflicts with DirectoryOpus
+ enhanced dock section
+ AmiStart doesn't jump on other screens anymore
- Updated system files
- Added direct support for T64/D64 image files
- Fixed issue with ArosPDF not opening files directly

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