Thursday, April 30, 2009

Icaros Desktop LIVE! is a complete distribution of the AROS desktop operating system. Icaros Desktop LIVE! comes on a bootable live DVD-ROM which runs directly on your hardware (it must be already supported by AROS). It can be installed on the hard drive and can coexist with Microsoft Windows XP, in a dedicated partition. A quick reference guide and some AROS PDF manuals are included. This version comes also with a Qemu-based virtual machine which allows Windows users to test the distribution in a safer (but slower) environment.

After downloading, please consider donating. Every release of Icaros Desktop requires a lot of time and work, for a hobbyst project. Donations will be spent to enhance Icaros Desktop and to contribute to AROS bounties.

> Download from Icaros website
(410 MB, 7z file format*)

> Download from Amikit website (410 MB, 7z file format*)

MORE DOWNLOAD SITES (provided by the community)
Coming soon...

(*) Linux and Mac users: please rename the archive from .7z.exe to .7z before extracting files.


  • Users of VmwAROS 1.0 and 1.0.1 should read the manual, chapter 3.1, to learn how to upgrade from their current installation to Icaros Desktop 1.1.1 and keep their data.

> Download kernel for AMD chipsets
Users of AMD southbridges like SB600 might experience stops, slowdowns and general compatibility issues. If it happens, please download this kernel and follow this procedure.


> Download 7-Zip for your operating system to extract files from .7z archives.

Version: release 1.1.1
Requirements: a x86-based computer with 500 MHz CPU; 192 MB system RAM; any PCI or AGP video card; fast DVD-ROM drive; 1 GB to 6 GB of free space on a EIDE hard drive (SATA support is limited); PS/2 mouse and keyboards recommended; USB mice might not be completely supported; Recommended: a powerful processor, 512 MB of system RAM, an AROS compatible network and audio card. Please read the quick guide for references before installing.

Webmasters: please use this link to provide the right download location: