Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update to the Icaros user guide

User PK on the italian Amiga newsgroup it.comp.os.amiga made me aware of a misleading information included in Icaros user manual: a very old text line at page 13 says that a "FFS (system) partition is mandatory for compatibility reasons", which is absolutely not true anymore. Using a FFS system partition would, on the contrary, create only stability and speed issues. Please use SFS filesystem for both AROS: and Work: partitions instead, and remember that AROS SFS filesystem can handle only partitions up to 128 GB. Current version of InstallAROS, when let alone with a new blank drive, might create a larger one that would lead to unpredictable results. If you have this problem, please use HDToolBox to handle partitions or the great Gparted live tool, which should be enough easy to understand even for not skilled people. A newer version of the Icaros manual is already on our brand new official web space, just click on "Manual" in the top labels or follow this link. I apologize with anyone that had problems for this and thank for their patience.