Friday, March 6, 2009

Announcing VmwAROS 1.1

Next version of VmwAROS won't be 1.0.3, but 1.1. It won't be available as update disk, but it will require a complete reinstall. Users of versions 1.0.x, however, will be still able to update their system without loosing their data, they will have to follow a simple procedure which will be described with the release. I had to take this decision principally for some recent changes in AROS bootstrap code, which aren't compatible with VmwUpdate and could lead to some stability issues with current files.

But there is also another motivation: it's time for a serious cleanup. VmwAROS now includes some programs which still require very old system files to work, first of all the ones that look for obsolete 'v41' muimaster.library. This library has changed version numbering on january 2008, and during the whole year we made those applications work using a customized one. This lead to many little and big issues with newest programs, which had always to be tested twice to be sure they wouldn't create problems under VmwAROS. The most common and noticeable drawback of this, is the Zune prefs panel that's not working, unless the user choose the new muimaster.library using SwitchMuiMaster. Well, this will come to an end. SwitchMuiMaster will still be present, but the custom library will now be disabled by default. That's already happening when installing the custom build for OWB (and no-one complained). A list of the applications that will be removed from VmwAROS is here: please refresh and recompile them, and they will be happily included again in further VmwAROS 1.1.x updates. Thank you.

PS: Oh, well, I almost forgot that VmwAROS 1.1 will include many great additions, like the new ArosPDF reader from Craig Kiesau, the OWB browser and the latest release of MPlayer. And many, many more, as usual. Release date still to be announced.