Monday, February 23, 2009

Posting from VmwAROS

I can't hide I am really excited. This little post on is a great milestone for the AROS desktop operating system and its community, since starting from today we finally have a working, full-featured modern browser, thanks to Stanislaw Szymczyk's efforts in porting OWB. Obviously, it will be available in the next VmwAROS update too. OWB is fairly stable and fast, and allows using most of the best cloud-computing platforms, such as Google Docs and, why not, the platform I use for this site. From now on, AROS will allow an almost full web experience to its users, getting many and many times more usable and reliable than before. So I can't tell nothing more than "Thanks Stanislaw", you've made a dream come true.

Little addition: users of VmwAROS 1.0.2 need to update some AROS systems files to the latest version. I have prepared a custom nightly build based on 23th feb one, but with VmwAROS icons and definition files. Just place it in your CD-ROM and launch VmwUpdate as usual. This custom build works also standalone, so if someone would just get "a normal nightly build with better icons", this one will fill that need...

> Download customized build for x86 (30 MB, 7z file format)

PS: this update will upgrade our custom muimaster.library to the standard one. This will prevent some older applications to run. In order to fix this, just use the SwitchMuiMaster commodity. More about this in the PDF manual.