Friday, October 10, 2008

VmwAROS VE (Virtual Environment) is a complete AROS desktop environment running on VMware virtual machines. Targeted to final users and to developers, VmwAROS allow testing and using the AROS Research Operating system without really installing it on the hard drive. It can be a reliable way to access this interesting OS for people with powerful, but yet not supported hardware.

After downloading, please consider donating. Every release of VmwAROS requires a lot of time and work, for a hobbyst project. Donations will be spent to enhance VmwAROS and to contribute to AROS bounties.

> Download from (229 MB, 7z file format)
> Download from (229 MB, 7z file format)

> Download 7-Zip for your operating system to extract files from .7z archives.

MORE DOWNLOAD SITES (provided by the community)
> Download torrent (you'll need a BitTorrent client)

Current version: beta 0.9
Requirements: VMware Server, Workstation (version 5.5 or above), Player, Fusion. Recommended a x86-based computer with a 1,5 GHz CPU; 512 MB system RAM; any 32-bit capable video card; any CD-ROM drive; max 6 GB of free space on hard drive.

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