Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VmwAROS banned in Turkey

VmwAROS website has not been reachable by Turkey's visitors for some days, due to a questionable court's decision that practically censored millions of webpages and blog posts to protect few intellectual properties from a digital-TV contents provider, whose football matches were illegally streamed or replicated by some people on and, which is the site that hosts VmwAROS too. Apparently, access to our site has now been temporarily restored "waiting for further evidence backing Digiturk’s claims", which unluckily does not mean that our completely legal site will be available forever, as it should be.

As VmwAROS mantainer, I don't like to talk about censorship. I think it's unfair, because in my opinion every country has the right to decide what's moral, right, legitimate or not to do in its own territory, if citizens agree. But I think also that courts decision should never deny the rights of millions of people just to protect the interests of few individuals. What happened there is at least a demonstration of total careless about the conseguences of an action, if not an evidence of scarce knowledge of the media they tried to ban. Courts, governs and politicians should try to understand better the Internet and how it works, and this is not mandatory in Turkey only, but all over the world.