Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing VmwAROS EXE

VmwAROS EXE is an experimental version of VmwAROS Live! which includes exactly the same ISO, but can run on top of a Qemu virtual machine. The aim of this new "flavour" is not to provide a pre-configured virtual environment like the VE version, but instead to allow Windows users to try VmwAROS Live! in a safer environment. The qemu virtual machine comes with a 8 GB virtual hard drive which can be used to install VmwAROS, you just have to run InstallAROS and you're ok. Sound is not available, while development tools and networking must be manually configured, exactly as it happens when installing VmwAROS Live! on a real hard drive. Just download and run the VmwAROS_EXE_beta_0_9_1.exe file on your Windows PC and you'll be fine.

> Download VmwAROS EXE beta 0.9.1 from (242 MB)

Version: beta 0.9.1
Requirements: a x86-based computer with 1.500 MHz CPU; 512 MB system RAM; any PCI or AGP video card; 12x CD-ROM drive; 1 GB to 8 GB of free space on a EIDE hard drive (SATA support is very limited); PS/2 mouse and keyboards recommended; USB mice might not be completely supported; Recommended: an AROS compatible network and audio card. Please read the quick guide for references after installing.