Thursday, August 21, 2008

SimpleMail Lite working again on VmwAROS

Ok, it has actually always worked. However, for some reasons, SimpleMail had a unpleasant behavior when installed on SFS partitions: it duplicated email at every server fetch. In the past, when AROS could boot only from FFS partitions, I simply moved SimpleMail's drawer into sys:Utilities, allowing easy installation by InstallAROS. Tempus fugit, however, and now AROS software is required to run flawlessly on SFS partitions too, so I got from Michael Grunditz a fixed version, which doesn't replicate emails anymore, and has also the right button images on place (well, even the older version had them... the only little thing I didn't know, is that I should have taken them from any other version of SimpleMail, so it was only my fault for missing icons in the program GUI). Now I noticed only a little glitch when filling some fileds of the configuration window and in the email one, but there will surely be a way to fix this too...