Monday, August 11, 2008

Redo from start? Well, sort of...

A lot of little and big things happened in the AROS land, and now the system behaves much better than before. We've got a newer format utility, a new boot loader (Grub2) installed by default, the freedom to choose SFS for the system partition and, above all, the ability to snapshot windows and icons (thanks to Nick Andrews). These are surely wonderful news for AROS, however on the VmwAROS side it required another huge rework, starting again from a fresh installation. Luckily I could keep most of the work already done, but some things surely needed some clean-ups.

For istance, some networking applications and other programs got duplicated since version 0.5, but from now on, this shouldn't happen anymore. Starting from beta 0.9, all networking apps will be moved from Extras:Networking to Extras:Networking/Apps, which should be a much cleaner place for them. I tried Przemyslaw Szczygielsk's AROSTCPPrefs but it's crashing hard on VmwAROS development platform so, waiting for a more stable version, I'll keep my odd - but working - ConfigIP script alive. But, to be sure that it will be compatible with Przemyslaw's application, I've changed the way it behaves: now it creates a "DHCP" file in envarc:AROSTCP/db which can be either "False" or "True". Depending on this, VmwAROS 0.9 user-startup will decide to run either YAFS or the DHCP client. Unluckily, there isn't yet any way to have them both running together.

Other little enhancements are the new 2.0 version of VICE and WookieChat 2.9, which to be honest didn't run flawlessly as older versions. I will investigate further tomorrow, and if I can't find any workaround, I'll revert to version 2.8. Once I've published this post, I'll update PortablE to release 2.