Sunday, June 1, 2008

Advice for editors

VmwAROS and VmwAROS LIVE! include many programs which come with different licenses, however there isn't any commercial software: the game Beneath a Steel Sky had been re-released as freeware by Revolution Software long ago, and only shareware levels of DooM and Quake are included. Permission to include the shareware version of FryingPan has been granted by its author. So please feel free to include the VmwAROS LIVE! ISO image on your magazine's cover-mounted DVD-ROMs. I would be glad, however, to keep track of every magazine which talks about VmwAROS: please send me an e-mail just to warn me, and a 150-dpi JPEG PDF scan or a PDF preview of the page(s) would be a great gift too. I will report your publishing news here and I'll happily place a link to your magazine's webpage.

If you plan to publish instructions about installing and using VmwAROS, however, please read the PDF documentation you'll find in the /Docs directory. An updated version of the user/reviewer guide to VmwAROS is included here:

> Download VmwAROS' quick User/Reviewer reference guide (PDF, 3 MB)

You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader or any alternative PDF viewer to read it. Please explain how to enable USB mice and keyboards, since it's really important on modern hardware. You will find this information both at page 7 and 14 of this guide.