Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today I had not much time to give to VmwAROS, since I have much to write for the magazines I work on. However I spent some little time on Linux, trying to create a bootable ISO of VmwAROS Live!. Well, it has been a waste of time. For some unknown reasons, Mkisofs, or "genisoimage" as it is known on the distribution I installed, simply refuses to find the boot directory in my future CD-ROM structure. So I turned back to Windows but, before restarting to work for my ordinary job, I just wanted to give a try with MKISOFS for Windows. Amazingly, everything ran fine, except for a little problem with three AROS files I can't place on a Windows directory: the ones called con.*. Since there's no way to work around this, I'll have to turn back to Linux and understand what's wrong there.

Anyway, the good news is that a working, private and test-only version of VmwAROS Live! has booted correctly into VMware. Now I'm burning a CD-ROM to test it directly on top of my hardware. And no, this is not an april fool. =)