Monday, March 24, 2008

UpdatAROS is on the Archives!

UpdatAROS, our nice script to update AROS system files, has finally made its debut on the Archives. To use it, you just need to extract all the files included in the archive updatarosv1.lha into a new drawer of your choice, and launch UpdatAROS double-clicking on its icon. UpdatAROS will check for a nightly build in your CD or DVD drive, and copy all the necessary files to your AROS installation. Please notice this procedure has been created for i386 AROS native, though it should work on hosted too.

UpdatAROS has been made to be safe and as much automatic as it can. It will copy extras files in the right position or ask the user for what to do, and the same thing will happen for some dangerous directories (for istance, copying fonts drawer on some old installations might crash AROS and unvalidate the sys: partition). Please notice that UpdatAROS can turn to... DowngradAROS: if you're not satisfied with newer system files, you can use it with an older nightly build to restore old system files.

If you have problems booting AROS at the next startup, don't forget that UpdatAROS makes a backup of the pre-existing kernel in the sys:boot directory, called aros-oldkernel.gz: you should be able to boot the operating system using this by accessing to the manual options of GRUB. Notice also that UpdatAROS won't update your existing boot manager and menu.lst, so you won't have to customize it again.

Just update with UpdatAROS, eject the nightly build CD-ROM and reset your AROS PC: it will boot as usual, but with newer system files.

NOTICE: before updating, please check if the new system files actually work. To do this, you just need to boot your computer straight from CD, with the nightly build you wish to update to. If AROS can boot flawlessly and execute programs, you're ok. UpdatAROS can be launched from hard disk only.

> Download UpdatAROS from the Archives (8 KB)

Don't use it on VmwAROS: our distribution has a customized version (VmwUpdate) which covers the needs of VmwAROS itself. UpdatAROS is intended for normal AROS installations only.