Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10 minutes of amazing VmwAROS action

In order to increase the interesting rate of this webpage, I made a little modification: the old cheer screenshot above VmwAROS description, in the right column, has been changed with a much more sexier video. Will you be able to spot the naked woman hidden into it? (just joking: there are no naked women, but lots of interesting applications)

The new amazing VmwAROS video shows 10 minutes of action with VmwAROS, including browsing the web with Webkit demo Launcher, receiving and sending emails with SimpleMail, pokeing around with Doom and Quake, presenting Beneath a Steel Sky running under ScummVM, the good old Commodore 8bit computers with VICE, a little wandering between windows and AmiStart functions, and much, much more, at original speed. Due to the size of video box, you won't read text at all so, if you want the original-size video, you can download it from the following link. It's compressed with Xvid and archived in a zip file.

> Download vwmaros.avi from Megaupload (Xvid format, 75 MB zip file)