Monday, January 14, 2008

New VmwAROS beta 0.6 available for download

A new beta version of VmwAROS is now available for download. This version has these nice features:
  • System files updated to January 13th, 2008
  • AFFS Validator (no more unvalidated read-only partitions!)
  • Show all files automatically enabled for PC CD-ROMs and any other non-Amiga/AROS media
  • VmwUpdate - an easy updater for AROS system files
  • Custom muimaster.library: compatible like older v41, updated like new v19
  • Custom SwitchMuiMaster - to easy change muimaster.library as needed
  • Murks!IDE 0.5.3 with all available locale files
  • Newer WookieChat and VICE versions
And also some bugfixes:
  • New diskfile works with older host filesystems (no more 2 GB issue)
  • MysticView and few not-working programs removed from AmiStart
Please notice this is not meant as a "contents" release, but as a "mantainance" one: in other words, it contains about the same programs featured in version 0.5. Most of them, however, have been updated to their most recent version. For this release, file sharing with host operating system has changed: please read the release notes and PDF documentation. The PDF manual also comes in handy when using VmwUpdate and SwitchMuiMaster to easily upgrade system files. Enjoy!

> Download VmwAROS beta 0.6 from MegaUploads (305 MB)
> Download VmwAROS beta 0.6 from AmiKit website (305 MB)