Monday, January 21, 2008

First email from VmwAROS

This news is damn big! Michael Grundits has just released a public beta version of SimpleMail Light 0.32, AROS' first email client. I have already downloaded and installed it on my VmwAROS test snapshot, and it works quite fine (screenshot). It's still at beta stage, though, so there are some glitches that have to be fixed, however AROS has now a full email client, and this his an important step for its every-day use. In order to get it running on your VmwAROS Beta 0.6, just make these steps:
  1. Download SimpleMail Light beta 0.32 with AAEDT from the Archives
  2. Place the file simplemail_beta_aros-i386.tgz somewhere, maybe directly in RAM:
  3. Create a shell by pressing rAros+W and move to work:
    > work:
  4. Explode the archive
    > untgz ram:simplemail_beta_aros-i386.tgz
  5. Now you should find a Simple directory in work:
  6. Open two AROS: drive windows and select Show > All files from the Window menu for both
  7. Move to Extras:Zune/MCC_Mailtext/Classes/Zune in the first window and copy all files in AROS:Classes/Zune in the second one
  8. Move to Extras:Zune/MCC_NList/Classes/Zune and copy all files in AROS:Classes/Zune
  9. Launch SimpleMail. If you'd like to create an icon for the Simple directory and for SimpleMail application, just show > all files and select their icons with rAros+I, then click on Save for both.
IMPORTANT: VmwAROS beta 0.5 users should upgrade to 0.6, or copy files from a new nightly ISO. Be aware that if you don't copy all .mcc and .mcp files as explained, VmwAROS will crash every time you'll try to launch this beta of SimpleMail. Be happy: time to write email from AROS has come!