Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feature of the day: PUB: volume

Let me introduce VmwAROS PUB: virtual volume, a space between your Windows/Linux host operating system, and the AROS virtual machine. During boot time, VmwAROS loads YAFS, a simple but fairly working ftp server. YAFS is configured to use the Work:Pub directory as default repository for transferred files. For your comforts, this drawer had been assigned to the PUB: virtual volume. Just enter PUB: (and don't forget the ":") in any Wanderer windows or in any shell one to go straight to this location.

In order to communicate with the PUB: virtual volume from your host operating system, you have to follow a simple procedure. Just download a good FTP client and setup a new site entry with your AROS virtual machine's IP address, open the advanced properties of that site and choose an ftp connection. In the login/password field, just enter anonymous and a fake password, whatever one will work. If you're using Windows, please use Filezilla, it works fine.