Sunday, November 25, 2007

Heavening the wget hell

Yesterday I learned that moving acritically things from sys:extras to work: is not a good idea, as there are too many things tied to the system that can lead to applications stop working, AROSTCP above all. So, I had to decide what to do: reverting to old paths or modifying them in system configuration files and well, I took the first option.

I removed all my mistakes and now network applications work fine again. But there was something that still refused to execute properly its job: AAEDT, the tool which allows file in the AROS-Archives site to be downloaded directly form AROS without any browser or intermediate passage. Even on my real AROS machine, AAEDT never worked, with that weird "error 10" shown every time I launched it, no matter what repository I wanted to parse. So I started investigating and, some times later, I've found that it was a wget issue: it couldn't find its configuration file as - I discovered in the meanwhile - there's no AROS default configuration file for wget in env: and envarc:, so I created one.

If you're running AROS either on a virtual or a real machine, and you do have this AAEDT issue too, just look at wget and you'll find the answers.

Now both wget and AAEDT work fine in VmwAROS and I took my new VMware snapshot again. =)