Thursday, November 29, 2007

ConfigIP v0.2 for VmwAROS download

After a whole day trying to understand a weird behavior of AROS (that won't allow me to do in a script what I can do directly into a shell, command by command), I decided to release this little patch for VmwAROS, that fixes the ConfigIP issue in Prefs. Just extract the ISO file in the archive to the same directory of VmwAROS in the host operating system, then mount it with VMware as CD-ROM. Once the VmwAROS icon appears on the screen, open it by double clicking and drag the new Prefs drawer on the existing one in drive DH0:. Only ConfigIP will be replaced.

When finished, launch ConfigIP and change the IP address in files according to your local or virtual network. Then save each file with the save (salva) option. Wait for some seconds and a confirmation message will warn you that you can now reboot AROS. Press Ctrl+lAros+rAros and you're done: after rebooting, your network will be up and running as expected. ConfigIP 0.2 is meant for VmwAROS beta 0.1, and won't run on any other version. (it won't be needed, either...).

> DOWNLOAD ConfigIP 0.2 from Wikifortio (20k)