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The following screenshots are free to use for reviews, previews, hands-on and any media coverage of Icaros Desktop, on magazines and websites. Screens of upcoming releases are work-in-progress and released versions may be slightly different. Screens of older releases are kept for hystorical reasons. Please use only images from the latest 2 releases for reviews and do not use oldest screenshots for previews. For any special need please contact us, if you talk about Icaros... please let us know! Thank you.

Version 2.2.x

Some applications included with Icaros 2.2.4. Please notice CPU time shown in SysInfo, on the right

VICE now emulates many other 8-bit systems from Commodore

ZunePaint and ZuneView have been brought to latest versions, and can now use many more datatypes!

RNO Effects can apply several special effects to images, and convert them all in a batch!

OWB running with default new theme. Elegance and simpleness.

Slarti is a new sub-title editor for video files, just added among Multimedia Editors in the Live! edition

Icaros Desktop 2.2 Xmas Edition running hosted on a fresh 64bit Linux Mint installation

A tracker running on Icaros Desktop, hosted on a old 32bit version of Ubuntu Linux

Icaros Desktop with some open windows. Wallpaper available to patrons on

MagicASL is a 68K program which replaces standard AmigaOS requesters. And it works under AmiBridge

ZuneView and ZunePaint by Yannick Erb. The former is a viewer, the latter an image editor

Version 2.1.x

Mapparium is a great routing applications written with FPC (FreePascal)

DirectoryOpus 5 "Magellan" is Icaros Desktop's default file manager, and can create thumbnails for images.

Playing .3gp videos recorded by your phone is quite easy with MPlayer


Icaros includes FTP and HTTP servers you may use to share your files on a local network

You can find a wide selection of games

GrafX2 is the perfect choice for Deluxe Paint lovers. It can also edit and save in IFF ILBM format

DiskImage allows to mount ISO and ADF disk images on the system with ease

OSNews talked many times about Icaros Desktop. So why not showing OWB browsing it?

LunaPaint has been the first AROS native application with layers and professional-degree tools

Grabbing screen shots and movies is quite easy under Icaros Desktop

 Version 1.5.x

Pushover is a fairly amusing puzzle game

Cinnamon Writer, AMOS and DirectoryOpus running on Icaros 1.5.2

TVPaint, one of the best image manipulation programs for Amiga, now running on Icaros in its own screen

AmiBlitz3 was a great IDE for its times and Icaros has been allowed to include it

Version 1.4.x

Some applications added to version 1.4.x

AROS PC and AmigaOS 3.x applications running along in the same screen. Can you spot the difference?

Create your smash-hit with AudioEvolution 4, running native on AROS

Long ago we hadn't HTML5video in OWB, but we could enjoy Youtube as well...

Version 1.3.x

Many applications added in the 1.3 era. Among them, Conviertme and BigBand.

ArosPDF is your PDF viewer, while OWB finally went seriously to the web.

Time for 68K integration: some apps from Amiga Forever running on Icaros Desktop

Can you divide Amiga 68K applications from native AROS ones, in this screenshot? ;-)

Version 1.2.x

AROS brings back Amiga's iconic screen dragging and repositioning

Giana's Return running along with some other AROS apps. Thumbnailgun allows to make thumbs icons

Playing 3D Pool is awesome, if you have a graphic card accelerated by Galloum3D (Intel, nVidia)

Tyrian game. SabreMSN and other obscure IM clients very few people still use today...

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