Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What can I do with VmwAROS?

The most asked question when I talk about VmwAROS is "fine, but what can I do with this?". Why should someone install it on his/her hard drive along with Windows? Why don't simply use Linux instead? Well, the answer is inside everyone's heart. I can give just little hints, showing in a new video what a VmwAROS PC can do, once the right programs have been installed. You'll find some new applications that aren't available (yet) in the distribution, but they will. Soon. And they won't require a huge download again! Stay tuned...

VmwAROS 1.0 demo from paolo besser on Vimeo.

The music theme used for this video is "A final moment" from musician Patrick Feehan, and it is used by kind permission of the author. Please take a... moment, and go to his website to listen to some of his great creations.

NB: there is also another interesting video you should see. Our user Stephen Jones has placed his video-camera in front of his own VmwAROS computer. If you haven't installed yet our distribution on real hardware, here you can see how fast it is on a 3.1 GHz Athlon64 X2 6000+. He has also shot the boot procedure. How many other operating systems can boot in less than 10 seconds? Great job, Stephen!