Icaros Desktop is a pre-configured AROS desktop environment for the PC platform, distributed on a bootable live media. The AROS Research Operating System is a open source lightweight, efficient and flexible desktop operating system, aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level, while improving on it in many areas.

I've been informed by Krzysztof Śmiechowicz that, due to a recent change in Grub2 binaries, updating VmwAROS with VmwUpdate wouldn't work anymore, leading to a un-bootable system at the next startup. The only thing you'll get would be a black screen with this message:

error: the symbol 'grub_get_time_ms' not found
entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

In order to fix this, you should first install a new nightly (from november 20 or newer) using InstallAROS avoiding to format AROS partitions. This will keep all your current software untouched, but you'll need to set your personal desktop wallpaper, font and AHI preferences again. Network configuration will be preserved.