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Jun 26, 2017

Icaros Desktop 2.2.1 is ready!

First update to Icaros Desktop is now available for download. This is a bugfix-only release, so no new features or programs are added to the distribution. People who haven't downloaded and installed Icaros Destkop 2.2 should choose this one instead, while users of Icaros Desktop 2.2 should update their installation using LiveUpdater.

Icaros 2.2.1 fixes some italian translations as well. Not much, but Wanderer's menus are a starting point...


- removed duplicated FinalWriter demo from Utilities
- removed duplicated MESA demos from Extras/Demos
- removed other duplicated files here and there
- replaced make with AROS one, now it should find makefiles as expected
- Aminet's version of make moved to Storage
- replaced ata.device with better working one
- replaced most AROS system files with newer components
- added alternative ATA device to advanced boot options
- removed faulty rtl8168 network device
- updated AROS 68K ROMs for playing games and demos
- started updating italian catalogs, starting with Wanderer menus


1. prior to anything, download Icaros 2.2 patch 01 to fix a mistake in Icaros-Sequence. Instructions are provided here.

2. download the update pack from our download page and save it wherever you like on your hard drive. Don't use RAM disk since LiveUpdater requires a reboot.

3. run LiveUpdater (from System drive -> tools -> LUPD) and reboot

4. choose the File option, locate the update pack on your local drive and accept to proceed. Wait for unpacking and updating to finish

5. enjoy!

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