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Jun 1, 2017

Icaros Desktop 2.2 has been released

The brand new main release of Icaros Desktop is now available for download, and it brings many little and bigger enhancements over the last Xmas Preview, like a complete new look, which involves both Magellan toolbars and decoration theme, and a completely new feature called HostBridge, which allows people running Icaros Desktop in a hosted environment to launch host applications along with (or instead of) AROS ones. This applies, obviously, only on Windows and Linux hosted Icaros (please read this page to understand the difference), not on native installations - being them on real hardware or virtual machines. In a nutshell, if you're running Icaros Desktop hosted on Windows or Linux, you can now start your common programs (like MS Office, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape and others) from AROS as well, and even use them to open your AROS documents. That's not, obviously, the only news here. As we said, we've completely overhauled Magellan's lister toolbar, adding some labeling and making - we hope - everything more intuitive to use. We have also changed placement to some tools, so maybe you'll have to change your habits a little bit, but we're really sure in the end you'll find the new GUI much better than it was before. For this release, we've opted for a new, white/grey/cyan flat theme, which almost reprises the original Workbench 2.X color scheme and mixes it with the one from AROS nightly builds (which we used for Xmas Preview 6 months ago), but uses colors in a different and more modern way. We sincerely hope you'll like it.

ZunePaint is getting better and better...

Slarti and other applications running on Icaros 2.2

- Updated AROS system files to feb 20th nightly build, plus some further updates here and there
 + introduced more than 16 Months of changes from AROS developers
- Added Windows hosted environment option
 + installation script for Windows 2000/XP/7/8.x/10
 + Documents directory automatically mounted on AROS
HostBridge on Linux
- Added HostBridge for Icaros in hosted mode
 + users can access Windows and Linux programs
 + use Windows or Linux apps to open AROS files from GUI and AROS shell
 + transparent path conversion from AROS to native format
 + use Windows or Linux apps as default tools
 + add whatever Linux or Windows application you like
 + you may use Icaros Desktop as GUI to drive your host OS
- Updated Windows hosted installation script
 + easy access to Windows volumes and Linux filesystem
 + added warning about current status of Windows port
- New desktop theme with modern "flat-white" decoration
- Updated user interface using Magellan
 + no more confusing toolbar on the top right corner
 + new lister toolbar with labels for common file operations
- Added MuiMapparium and updated Mapparium
- Added ZunePaint, a handy brilliant AROS image editor
- Added minipicolisp to development languages
All files were open by AROS
- Updated ZuneView to latest version
- Updated ZuneFig to latest version
- Updated (again) user manual to reflect latest changes
- Added icoutils, wput, gsar and other utilities in C
- Updated MUIRoyale to version 1.6
- Updated Zune MCC classes to latest release
- Updated HFinder to latest release
- Updated SnapIT to latest release
- Added ogg encoder-decoder to utilities
 + integrated HFinder in Magellan to search for files
- Fixed: Zune prefs now shows class icons on the left
- Fixed: OWB now displays images correctly
- Fixed: AROS 68K in coherency mode now works again
- Added Linux hosted environment option
When OWB is not enough...
 + ubuntu/mint-based distros compatible installation script
 + network and audio setup automatically performed on the AROS side
 + user Home directory automatically mounted on AROS
 + implementing Icaros-daemon for Linux (still work in progress)
- Updated SFSundelete to a newer version
- Updated SYSmon to a newer version
- Updated ZuneView to latest release
- Updated dgen and MAME to latest releases
- Added protracker to multimedia tools
- Added complete AISS package to distribution
 + Installation performed only under user request, within Icaros installation
- Changed directory structure in Extras
- Moved FryingPan and Cinnamon Writer back to Extras
 + this makes them available on Icaros Live! edition only
- Moved Protrekkr and LunaPaint to Utilities
 + this makes them available on Icaros Light edition too!
- Cleaned some parts of S:icaros-sequence startup script
- Updated user manual to version 2.2
- Fixed some little bugs in Icaros installation procedure

ZuneView allows applying filters to images, while vieweing them.

MuiMapparium is a new Zune-compatible version of Mapparium

Icaros Desktop 2.2 is now available for download in three flavors:
  • The complete Live! edition
  • The smaller Light "system core" edition
  • The update pack for users of Icaros 2.2 Xmas Preview
Please notice the update pack won't work on Icaros Desktop 2.1.x installations. Users of Icaros 2.1 should backup their files and perform a new installation. Updating Icaros 2.1.x to 2.2 is not supported and manually updating might bring to unpredictable results. 
All packages are now available from our Download page in the more traditional .zip format. Although 7zip produced smaller packages, too much people complained they had issues handling its archive format. Zip should be easy for everyone.


  1. Icaros Desktop Live! does not include QEMU-based virtual machine anymore. You can download it separately from our Download page (see other resources section)
  2. Please donate! This project lives thanks to your help, being it some bucks or, why not, collaboration on writing software for AROS! 

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