Icaros Desktop is a pre-configured AROS desktop environment for the PC platform, distributed on a bootable live media. The AROS Research Operating System is a open source lightweight, efficient and flexible desktop operating system, aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level, while improving on it in many areas.

Maybe you'll be already aware of the X500 Evo, a stylish mini-itx oriented "all into keyboard" computer case, following the shape of classic Commodore computers like the C128 and the Amiga 500. Well, the good news is that its author Loriano Pagni had recently started a KickStarter project to build Amiga-inspired key sets for Cherry-MX compatible keyboards and - big surprise! - there's even an official, Icaros Desktop version! We couldn't be any more proud about that! You can get more informations about this Kickstarter project here.