Icaros Desktop is a pre-configured AROS desktop environment for the PC platform, distributed on a bootable live media. The AROS Research Operating System is a open source lightweight, efficient and flexible desktop operating system, aiming at being compatible with AmigaOS 3.1 at the API level, while improving on it in many areas.

Icaros Desktop will be somehow present at Amiganoid 2011, a new Amiga-oriented meeting/show in Essen that will be held on September 17th, 2011. We'll not have a stand for ours, but some Icaros pendrives will be available at the very low price of € 3,50. These pendrives will have a 1,5 GB special edition of the distribution (Icaros Desktop 1.3.1 Amiganoid Edition) and 512 MB available on a FAT partition for data exchange with other popular operating systems. "Speaking of Amiganoid, it is not intended to be a fair/exhibition, - organizers say - it is rather a big meeting where you will meet other Amigans. Therefore drinks and buffet will be provided (actually there is a compulsary 6,50€ "all you can drink flatrate"). Main focus will be on AROS, but AmigaOS and MorphOS will also be on the show":

- Broadway Aros distro on x86 hardware
- Aros on ARM hardware (Efika MX)
- Icaros Aros distro and others
- the powerful alternative: MorphOS
- the original is alive: AmigaOS 4.x on new hardware
- AmigaOS 1.0 to 3.9 "Oldschool" on new hardware

AMIGANOID 2011 will be held on 17th of September in Essen:

Start: 11am
Room (Raum) 154
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 18
45127 Essen-Stadtmitte
Event Website: www.amiga-event.de